User Reputation And User Experience

Why do I need user reputation?

User reputation is a rating system that evaluates the user according to several key indicators so that users can actively use the system of bonuses and rewards. Many user actions are evaluated by an internal scoring system that awards points for experience and important actions to encourage members to actively use the site, meet and connect with interesting people more often. The reputation of the user is taken into account using the user account level.

What are experience points?

Experience points are a way to account for the actions of the user of the platform. Your experience is directly related to your actions and is taken into account by the website statistics system. Many of your actions, from browsing profiles and meeting women, to chatting and raffle prizes, are expressed in experience points. The statistics system allows us to reward platform members with various useful features and reward users for their actions. The points system is valid for all users of The points that you receive as a result of your actions are associated with a specific account and accumulate automatically when you communicate and use the services of the site using your account. The more actively you communicate and use the site, the more points you get.

What is an account level?

The user account level system converts community members' actions into user experience (points) and account levels. Uniteheart has a system of user account levels to keep a user's rating and reward the user for a couple of hours of communication per day or even a whole day of communication in Uniteheart. Your scores are displayed in several showcases with different metrics on your Profile page. Thus, you have the opportunity to see your results and achievements in your profile in order to control your activity and be proud of your achievements and awards. Also, the user can give access to his profile to his friends to show his achievements.

Where can I see my account level?

You can see your account level on the User Profile page, or by clicking on the "My account" button in the upper left corner of the Main User Menu, and opening the Account Level page, you can see all the information about your level and bonuses.

What do levels give me?

Initially, at Level 0, immediately after registering and verifying your account, you cannot add more than 10 people to your favorites list with whom you communicate. For each level, you can get 5 additional places in the list of friends (favorites). You can have a maximum of 1000 friends.

What is my account level?

You can see your account level in your User Profile or on the Account Level page. Since most users have already spent a lot of time at Uniteheart, you will receive some points on the day of the site update. It will depend on the number of credits spent, time spent in chats and paid letters.

How to level up?

To increase the level of your account, you need to gain experience points. You get points for completed target actions. The number of points earned for certain activities depends on the duration of the chat, the number of emails sent and other activities. In addition, you will receive additional rewards for achievements during the day, week and month. Only the level of your account depends on the amount of experience gained.