Common Questions

Do you have the mission of the Uniteheart company?
Member registration on the Website is free. Yes. Uniteheart is a mediator between single gentlemen from all corners of the world and women from Ukraine and other countries. We supply on-line relations improvements for dames and gentlemen to find each other in this world and be in touch with each other. Our primary aim is to assemble single gentlemen and dames under one roof and afford them a fortune to progress their relations.
What site features are free?
You can watch photos of girls and some other features.
What site services are paid?
You pay only for the services of the site that you use:
Letters; Sending messages in on-line chat; View video clips; Send virtual gifts; View personal video presentations; Delivery of gifts to girls; Bets in on-line games; Purchase of valuable virtual items
What are exclusive account types?
Exclusive accounts allow platform users to access special features and exclusive services of the site. This allows the user to receive monthly bonuses and valuable gifts, buy credits cheaper, buy valuable items at a discount, view videos for free and more profiles, etc.
  • Premium account provides additional features: discounts, 10% bonuses, cashback for purchases of credits, items, etc.
  • VIP account provides additional features: special site functions, discounts, bonuses, 10% cashback for purchases of credits, 5% cashback for the purchase of items, etc.
I am not receiving emails to my email account.
Log in to your email account or the email program you use and check your Spam folder. If you did not find letters from in your Spam folder, check your email address in your profile on the website along the path: Log in > My account > Edit Profile, in chapter Account information to field Your e-mail. If the "Your e-mail" field is empty, add your email address and click the "Save" button. Otherwise, contact our support using the Support link in the top menu of the site. Our support specialist will review your request as soon as possible and will assist you in setting up your mail.
What content is the user allowed to post?
Users are allowed to post and distribute Content that does not contradict the content publishing policy. The User is solely responsible for the content of messages sent or published, as well as for all information, data, text, sounds, photos, graphics, videos, messages and other content (hereinafter referred to as "Content") publicly published and/or transmitted through the Uniteheart service. This means that the User is solely responsible for all Content that the User posts, uploads, sends, receives, transmits or otherwise makes available through the Uniteheart platform.
What are the rights and obligations of to the user?
The Uniteheart Administration carries out the current management of the Site, independently determines their structure, appearance, allows or restricts Users' access to the Services in case such persons violate the provisions and rules for using the Site, and also exercises other rights belonging to it.
What is the age of youngest women here?
Inferior limit for age is 18 years old.
I am newcomer at this site. Are all dames here genuine?
Before publishing on, all new dame's profiles are attentively and scrupulously verified with their interview and documents copies. Scammers and fakes are being kept out of the site thanks to our proficients.
How can I level up my account?
Any registered user receives the development of the level of his account in the Uniteheart platform, depending on the amount of accumulated experience points. You need to create a profile in the Uniteheart community in order to manage your level. Accounts with an unverified account will not be able to upgrade their level above 0.
I want to view all dames pictures in the gallery, why I can’t?
It means that you haven’t registered at the Please pass the registration, and you will have the access for free for the other pictures.
What site services can I get for free?
The Registration and membership on the Site is free. Site users can use free features of the site to find dating of girl immediately after registration. You can use the free functions "Search" to find a girl and get to know her, and "Ladies Gallery" to view the profiles and photos of girls, you can immediately after registering on the site. You can watch women's photos for free.
What way do dames appear here?
Our site has created inter communion with Ukrainian and other countries' marriage agencies. The dames you can find in our gallery are customers of such our partner marriage agencies. Uniteheart doesn't have any personal relations with the dames you contact to on the
I am not looking for a wife. I would like finding foreigner friends and that's all. Is it probable?
Of course.
Gentlemen of what locality are greatly interested in Ukrainian and other countries dames?
Gentlemen from western Christian countries - Canada and USA, Australia, Western Europe.
What are the age of these gentlemen?
At we have both dames and gentlemen from variety age groups, thus everybody has great chances.
I want to find out if she knows English. How can I?
It is possible, check the field "English Level" in a dame's profile.
I didn’t find an extensive response in the F.A.Q.
Please connect our support crew.
Why can’t I correspond via emails instead of the site?
Here are the specific causes for that. The most part of our dames don't speak English well enough and use the comfortable easy translation SVC. The crew of the does the best to ensure safeness of our clients. Also, we are strict and consecutive with anti-scam policy. The site's officers unreservedly screen the correspondence and enucleate scam impingement. Thus, on the one hand, we preclude any happenings of scam (with monitoring dames activity at the site and checking their documents and profiles). On the other hand - we defend the dames from "sex tourists", skin-deep gentlemen, fiscally unstable gentlemen, sexual or indictable offenders. You can't imagine how many people of this sort we come upon.
Why must I pay here when there are free sites on the net?
That's right. In case you want more communication, you could find numerous free sites on the net. We are particularized in serious relationships and dating. helps the customers - we organize real life appointments with dames. We propose high quality service, Video Presentations, Gifts Delivery. We check dames, which helps to protect hearts and wallets of gentlemen.
Are your women clients informed of what I write to administration? Do I have a chance to ask the administration about anything secret?
Yes, you can completely lean on We ensure the confidentiality of your communications with us or with dames at the site. We will keep your secrets, of course.
If I communicate with a dame and suspect that she is not serious. Shall I message about them?
Yes, please. All your reports are very useful for us. In case you think that a dame isn't serious about marriage, please let us know via support.
What actions should be done if a dame asked me to send money?
Of course, at first, we are asking you not to send her any money! And the second - please report this dame. It is strictly prohibited to seek for monies on Such behavior is found as scam.
How to buy virtual valuable items with credits?
You can purchase, exchange and receive virtual valuable items to use them in communication, as gifts, exchange for credits if it is a gift, collect if it is a unique valuable item. Go to the Gifts & Shopping page. Click on the "Buy item" button in the "Items you purchased" section and select the item of interest from the list of valuable items and click on it. An item card will appear, in which there is a "Buy" button with the characteristics of the item. Click on the "Buy Item" button and the item will be paid for with your credits and placed in this section. You can also buy valuable items in the "Collection" section.
What is Wheel of Fortune roulette for?
The Wheel of Fortune is a simple luck roulette that is used to get free and valuable prizes for users. The user can win a number of valuable prizes: credits, minutes for chatting, sending letters, valuable items, etc. You can play roulette for free and for a bet.. The user can play roulette for a fee with a bet, usually that of 5 credits. The sector that the arrow points to after the wheel stops wins. You can play Wheel of Fortune for free 3 each per day and win credits or other valuable prizes through a promotion on the Uniteheart site. Keep an eye on emails for this.
What are virtual valuable items?
Valuable items or virtual items are digital items that a user can purchase or receive as a gift or prize, and these items can be used to give, collect, exchange for credits, etc. You can buy or receive various valuable items as a gift. Usually, these are items that members receive as gifts or collect valuable collections of unique items from them, which are then exchanged for credits if necessary or given to their friends. You can buy and gift an item, or receive it as a gift or prize. Also, valuable items can be exchanged for loans if necessary. You can manage valuable items on the Gifts and Purchases page or on the Profile (My Account) page in the Gifts section.
What is a Prize Box?
The prize box is a box of various prizes received as a prize in the paid version of Wheel of Fortune roulette. The prize box may contain: various bonuses, credits, chat minutes, valuable items, services, etc. All bonuses, credits, services and items from the prize box can be used for communication and dating on the site.
What is a Treasure Chest?
The treasure Chest is a large chest with various valuable items, services, experience points and bonuses that the user can use on the site by taking advantage of the site's unique offer. The user can get the values ??and items contained in it through the "Open" button on the Treasure Chest map after purchasing it. The Treasure Chest may contain unique valuable items, services, credits and bonuses that can be redeemed or redeemed in the process of using the site, dating and chatting with women.