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The Privacy Policy is a fundamental document on the cooperation between the company and its clients. It regulates all the provisions and applies to all the data published in the web portal. We intend to create comfortable conditions for the users, so they can really find their love, meet new singles online here and not worry about the safety of the data they provide.

The company will not sell, purchase, provide, exchange or in any other manner disclose Account or Transaction data, or personal information of or about a Cardholder to anyone, except, it’s Acquirer, Visa/Mastercard Corporations or in response to valid government demands.

The presented set of rules is a key mutual cooperation guideline. The violation may lead to penalties set by the legislation or ones listed below.

DTM Group OU operates under the governing law of Estonia.

The advantage of our company is its client loyalty.  Administrators clearly understand that you have come to find a true love but not to use the information for lucrative purposes. All the profiles presented and other data are thoroughly protected. Their unauthorized use leads to a real responsibility, the seriousness of which is regulated by the legal provisions.

To prevent unexpected situations, we recommend you to acquaint yourself with the peculiarities of the presented Privacy Policy to prevent any further contradictions concerning the interpretation of different concepts. Also, if necessary, you can always contact the support service and its qualified workers are ready to provide immediate consultation and answer all the questions you have. You can communicate with the representatives of our service in any language. They will provide you with any details and help find a way out even of the most difficult situation. The portal workers will answer all your questions in English.

Definition of Concepts

  1. • The personal data include any details that (directly or indirectly) refer to the physical entity (data subject). If cooperating with our company, you can be absolutely sure that your personal data are thoroughly protected.
  2. • The personal data processing is any operation or procedure performed with or without using automatic technologies. They include: data systematization, collection, recording, retention, accumulation, and deletion.
  3. • Confidentiality is compliance with the requirements about the inadmissibility of spreading the information if not agreed with the subject or in case of other legislative grounds.
  4. • The registered user is a physical entity having a right of access to the website through the Internet (by means of the computer or other gadgets).
  5. • Cookies are some of the data that are sent by the web server, stored on the user’s data carrier and sent to the server when a page is opened.

Key Provisions

  1. • Visiting of our resource means that you agree with the Privacy Policy and all the requirements for using and processing of your personal data.
  2. • If the user does not agree with the prescribed rules, he is committed to leaving the web portal.
  3. • The presented Privacy Policy is relevant only to our company, rather than other companies. Hyperlinks and advertisements presented here are the property of other resources and our company shall not be liable for them.
  4. • The company workers do not check the relevance and reliability of the data provided by the registered users.

Subject Matter

The presented Privacy Policy imposes particular obligations on the company workers and management. The platform creators take the responsibility for non-disclosure of personal data and creation of conditions for protecting the private data published here by the users registering on the website.

The personal data that are to be processed are provided directly by the user. The user specifies these data when registering (mail address, name, surname, country).

The company protects the data that are transferred automatically when the client looks through advertising blocks.

If the user disables cookies, this may lead to the impossibility of viewing particular web pages or sections of the presented website. The company collects the information on users’ IP addresses to optimize the resource’s activity and to prevent main technical problems regarding its functionality. Also, by means of this, the legality of making money transactions is tracked.

Any action described above is to be preserved and not to be distributed with the exception of the points specified in legislative documents or listed below.

Possible Personal Data Collection Objectives

The objectives of this procedure may be:

  1. • Client identification. Due to this, the log-in procedure or other procedures are performed.
  2. • User’s access to additional resources of our company’s web portal.
  3. • Creation of conditions for the stable feedback from the client. This includes the sending of newsletters, notifications, and the processing of inquiries.
  4. • Obtaining data on the client’s geographical location for preventing possible fraud (only if the administration notices any suspicious activity).
  5. • Confirmation and reconciliation of all the personal data provided by the user.
  6. • Notification of the client about innovations or search results.
  7. • Provision of the most expedient option for the information support and creation of the best conditions for access to the web portal.
  8. • Sending messages on innovations that may be interesting for the client.
  9. • Advertising campaign execution.

Personal Data Processing Specificity and Time

  1. • The procedure is performed without any time limit. For this, only legal methods are used (with or without modern technologies).
  2. • The client consents to the transfer of information to third parties, for example, post companies or service providers. This is done only to meet the user’s needs.
  3. • The data may be transferred to the representatives of law enforcement authorities in accordance with the procedure set by the legislation. Such procedure is possible only by permission of the corresponding services.
  4. • If the personal data are lost, the workers inform the client about this or transferring them to third persons.
  5. • For their part, administrators and technical specialists take the necessary set of measures to prevent hacker attacks and illegal data theft. The professionals commit themselves to ensure the compliance with the Privacy Policy on a 24-hour basis.
  6. • The management, the administration and the client take the necessary measures to prevent possible losses and expenditures caused by the personal data disclosure.

Parties’ Obligations

For his part, the user is obliged:

  1. • To specify the information necessary for the registration.
  2. • To update and provide the relevant data, if necessary.

The website administration is obliged:

  1. • To use the data provided only for purposes specified in the corresponding section.
  2. • To ensure the storage of personal data and not to disclose any data without the user’s prior written consent. Not to sell the data or not to disclose them in any way, due to which they may be transferred to the unauthorized persons.
  3. • To observe all safety precautions to prevent any emergencies or the data from being transferred to intruders.
  4. • To block personal data if any unreliable information specified consciously is found in the profile. To identify unreliable data and agree on them with the users who want to register (if possible).

Each of the Parties’ Obligations

If the web portal administration or management uses the presented information in an illegal way, it will receive the corresponding punishment specified in the law. All the relations are regulated by complying with the Privacy Policy.

Our company administration and management shall not be personally liable if the personal information is disclosed but

  1. • Has been disclosed before its loss or disclosed by the client himself.
  2. • Has been provided to our web portal by the foreign participant (third party) before the user’s request.
  3. • Has been disclosed in accordance with the registered client’s personal consent.

                                                                                                        Dispute Resolution Principles

     1.• Prior to filing a complaint, any dispute between the user and the administration may be resolved if it is not contrary to Estonia's governing law. Such agreement is formed in a written form to prevent any claims. The peace agreement is signed by the officials and is a full-fledged document that can serve as a plea.

     2.• The party receiving a complaint notifies about its features and results within 30 calendar days.

     3.• In the absence of consent, the dispute is automatically redirected to the relevant state authorities of Estonia for further consideration and a verdict. In court, the parties can agree and withdraw the claim if all contradictions are eliminated and all needs are satisfied.

     4.• This Privacy Policy is focused on Estonian governing law. This issue is handled separately from any emerging issues that need to be resolved in international arbitration.

Other Terms of Mutual Cooperation

  1. • The web portal management has a right to introduce any changes in the rules that are not contrary to the existing legal provisions and requirements. Due to this, the cooperation between the parties is controlled and risks and disputes are minimized.
  2. • The Privacy Policy is considered updated and valid only after being published in our web portal in the corresponding section. If the user does not see the changes, the company administration and management shall not be liable for possible contradictions in the interpretation of the rules.
  3. • The user can make suggestions on the improvement of this section or other parts of our web portal on the link specified.
  4. • The current Privacy Policy is published on the resource and is accessible to the users on the link specified.

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