Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

In situation You have any problems, please Look through the F.A.Q. at this page. It consists of common overall and comprehensive info, here could be the answers to the matters You may have.

Registration and Publishing profile

Question: How to register on the site

Answer: Member registration on the Website is free.

In order to use the services of or get the opportunity to use additional functional (software) features of the site, the User needs to create an Account by going through a simple registration procedure on the site. You can use the quick Registration form on the Home page of the site for registration or the "Log In" button in the top menu of the site. Click on the "Register" button and fill in the fields required for registration. Be sure to click the "Register" button to complete the registration.

Question: How to change information in my profile (Birth date, description, password and so on)?

Answer: To fill in your profile or to make changes to it, you must:

Enter your Profile and select and click on the "Edit profile" button on your Profile page in the vertical menu on the left. Enter or change the necessary information in the "Edit Profile" page that opens. In this section you can make any changes in your description, personal information, change password (account information). Use the "Manage photos" and "Manage videos" buttons to add new photos or videos, or delete some of them. Click the "Save" button to save the changes to the Profile. That's it, you've made changes to your Profile!


Question: How can I watch the Albums of the lady with hidden photos?


For that, you need to:

  1. Ask the lady the password to this Folder (while communicating with her in chat or through letters).
  2. After the lady tell you the password (for example, “the password access to my Folder name “Bikini” is “ndaf2425”), you click on the name of her Folder (it is under the profile pictures of the lady) to enter the provided by the lady password to this Folder.
  3. Then you will see the window where you fill in this password and after that the hidden photos will be visible to you.


Question: How much it charges to register on

Answer: It charges nothing, register now and enjoy viewing beautiful lady's profiles with photos.


Question: What way can I set up my profile at

Answer:  Click "Register" link. We advise you to fulfill as many fields on your profile as you can. Please upload some photos, better recent ones. It will help dames to feel more comfortable and free communicating with You.


Question: Will it be necessary to pay money immediately after registration?

Answer: No. It is free to look through the dames' photos.


Question: If a dame wants to register, how could she do that?

Answer: Please connect to our support; send your contact info, phone number and email. You will receive the directions.


Question: Are there any restraints for the photos here?

Answer: Sure. It is strictly prohibited to morally indecent photos (nakedness, violence). The photo should be good-quality too. And it is desirable to be recent and attractive. Please notice that the has right to refuse the photos which don't meet these demands.


Question: I would like to delete my profile.

Answer: Please connect the support. Notice that all your info and photos will be deleted from the site irrevocably.


Question: I would like to put my contact info on my profile. May I?

Answer: It is prohibited. The site has the right to block your profile if you foul this rule.

Please look through our Terms of Use for more specifications.



Question: How old do you have to be to become a member of the site?

Answer: Any person who has reached the age of majority, 18 years old, can become a user of the site. Minors are not allowed to register due to the content on the site that is allowed for use only by adults.


Question: Is membership charged?

Answer: You may give the fee only for the services which are used by you at the Here, the membership is free in opposition to other dating sites.


Question: I don't remember the password. How do I sign in?

Answer:  In case you forgot your password to enter your account, click on the “Log in” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen in the top menu. , there is a link “Forgot password?” below the login and password fields in the window that opens, click on it and in the next window enter your email, and then click the “Send” button. You will receive a link with instructions for logging into your account on the site to the specified email.


Question: What rights does the site member have?

Answer: The services provided by, the User receives on a paid basis in order to implement their functionality, in compliance with the stipulated rules and conditions for using the services. The use of paid software services of the Site is provided to the Member under the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) license for the period provided for by the relevant services.


Common Questions

Question: Do you have the mission of the Uniteheart company?

Answer: Yes. Uniteheart is a mediator between single gentlemen from all corners of the world and women from Ukraine and other countries. We supply on-line relations improvements for dames and gentlemen to find each other in this world and be in touch with each other. Our primary aim is to assemble single gentlemen and dames under one roof and afford them a fortune to progress their relations.


Question: What site features are free?

Answer: You can watch photos of girls and some other features.

Question: What site services are paid?

Answer: You pay only for the services of the site that you use:

Letters; Sending messages in on-line chat; View video clips; Send virtual gifts; View personal video presentations; Delivery of gifts to girls; Bets in on-line games; Purchase of valuable virtual items.


Question: What are exclusive account types?

Answer: Exclusive accounts allow platform users to access special features and exclusive services of the site. This allows the user to receive monthly bonuses and valuable gifts, buy credits cheaper, buy valuable items at a discount, view videos for free and more profiles, etc.

- Premium account provides additional features: discounts, 10% bonuses, cashback for purchases of credits, items, etc.

- VIP account provides additional features: special site functions, discounts, bonuses, 10% cashback for purchases of credits, 5% cashback for the purchase of items, etc.


Question: I am not receiving emails to my email account.

Answer:  Log in to your email account or the email program you use and check your Spam folder. If you did not find letters from in your Spam folder, check your email address in your profile on the website along the path: Log in > My account > Edit Profile, in chapter Account information to field Your e-mail. If the "Your e-mail" field is empty, add your email address and click the "Save" button. Otherwise, contact our support using the Support link in the top menu of the site. Our support specialist will review your request as soon as possible and will assist you in setting up your mail.


Question: What content is the user allowed to post?

Answer: Users are allowed to post and distribute Content that does not contradict the content publishing policy. The User is solely responsible for the content of messages sent or published, as well as for all information, data, text, sounds, photos, graphics, videos, messages and other content (hereinafter referred to as "Content") publicly published and/or transmitted through the Uniteheart service. This means that the User is solely responsible for all Content that the User posts, uploads, sends, receives, transmits or otherwise makes available through the Uniteheart platform.


Question: What are the rights and obligations of to the user

Answer:  The Uniteheart Administration carries out the current management of the Site, independently determines their structure, appearance, allows or restricts Users' access to the Services in case such persons violate the provisions and rules for using the Site, and also exercises other rights belonging to it.


Question: What is the age of youngest women here?

Answer: Inferior limit for age is 18 years old.


Question: I am newcomer at this site. Are all dames here genuine?

Answer: Before publishing on, all new dame's profiles are attentively and scrupulously verified with their interview and documents copies. Scammers and fakes are being kept out of the site thanks to our proficients.


Question: How can I level up my account?

Answer: Any registered user receives the development of the level of his account in the Uniteheart platform, depending on the amount of accumulated experience points. You need to create a profile in the Uniteheart community in order to manage your level. Accounts with an unverified account will not be able to upgrade their level above 0.


Question: I want to view all dames pictures in the gallery, why I can’t?

Answer: It means that you haven’t registered at the Please pass the registration, and you will have the access for free for the other pictures.


Question: What site services can I get for free?

Answer: The Registration and membership on the Site is free. Site users can use free features of the site to find dating of girl immediately after registration. You can use the free functions "Search" to find a girl and get to know her, and "Ladies Gallery" to view the profiles and photos of girls, you can immediately after registering on the site. You can watch women's photos for free.

Question: What way do dames appear here?

Answer: Our site has created inter communion with Ukrainian and other countries' marriage agencies. The dames you can find in our gallery are customers of such our partner marriage agencies. Uniteheart doesn't have any personal relations with the dames you contact to on the


Question:  I am not looking for a wife. I would like finding foreigner friends and that's all. Is it probable?

Answer: Of course.


Question: Gentlemen of what locality are greatly interested in Ukrainian and other countries  dames?

Answer: Gentlemen from western Christian countries - Canada and USA, Australia, Western Europe.


Question: What are the age of these gentlemen?

Answer: At we have both dames and gentlemen from variety age groups, thus everybody has great chances.


Question: I want to find out if she knows English. How can I?

Answer: It is possible, check the field "English Level" in a dame's profile.


Question: I didn’t find an extensive response in the F.A.Q.

Answer: Please connect our support crew.


Question: Why can’t I correspond via emails instead of the site?

Answer: Here are the specific causes for that. The most part of our dames don't speak English well enough and use the comfortable easy translation SVC. The crew of the does the best to ensure safeness of our clients. Also, we are strict and consecutive with anti-scam policy. The site's officers unreservedly screen the correspondence and enucleate scam impingement. Thus, on the one hand, we preclude any happenings of scam (with monitoring dames activity at the site and checking their documents and profiles). On the other hand - we defend the dames from "sex tourists", skin-deep gentlemen, fiscally unstable gentlemen, sexual or indictable offenders. You can't imagine how many people of this sort we come upon.


Question: Why must I pay here when there are free sites on the net?

Answer: That's right. In case you want more communication, you could find numerous free sites on the net. We are particularized in serious relationships and dating. helps the customers - we organize real life appointments with dames. We propose high quality service, Video Presentations, Gifts Delivery. We check dames, which helps to protect hearts and wallets of gentlemen.


Question: Are your women clients informed of what I write to administration? Do I have a chance to ask the administration about anything secret?

Answer: Yes, you can completely lean on We ensure the confidentiality of your communications with us or with dames at the site. We will keep your secrets, of course.


Question: If I communicate with a dame and suspect that she is not serious. Shall I message about them?

Answer: Yes, please. All your reports are very useful for us. In case you think that a dame isn't serious about marriage, please let us know via support.


Question: What actions should be done if a dame asked me to send money?

Answer: Of course, at first, we are asking you not to send her any money! And the second - please report this dame. It is strictly prohibited to seek for monies on Such behavior is found as scam.


Question: How to buy virtual valuable items with credits?

Answer: You can purchase, exchange and receive virtual valuable items to use them in communication, as gifts, exchange for credits if it is a gift, collect if it is a unique valuable item. Go to the Gifts & Shopping page. Click on the "Buy item" button in the "Items you purchased" section and select the item of interest from the list of valuable items and click on it. An item card will appear, in which there is a "Buy" button with the characteristics of the item. Click on the "Buy Item" button and the item will be paid for with your credits and placed in this section. You can also buy valuable items in the "Collection" section.


Question: What is Wheel of Fortune roulette for?

Answer: The Wheel of Fortune is a simple luck roulette that is used to get free and valuable prizes for users. The user can win a number of valuable prizes: credits, minutes for chatting, sending letters, valuable items, etc. You can play roulette for free and for a bet.. The user can play roulette for a fee with a bet, usually that of 5 credits. The sector that the arrow points to after the wheel stops wins. You can play Wheel of Fortune for free 3 each per  day and win credits or other valuable prizes through a promotion on the Uniteheart site. Keep an eye on emails for this.


Question: What are virtual valuable items?

Answer: Valuable items or virtual items are digital items that a user can purchase or receive as a gift or prize, and these items can be used to give, collect, exchange for credits, etc.

You can buy or receive various valuable items as a gift. Usually, these are items that members receive as gifts or collect valuable collections of unique items from them, which are then exchanged for credits if necessary or given to their friends. You can buy and gift an item, or receive it as a gift or prize. Also, valuable items can be exchanged for loans if necessary.

You can manage valuable items on the Gifts and Purchases page or on the Profile (My Account) page in the Gifts section.

Question: What is a Prize Box?

Answer: The prize box is a box of various prizes received as a prize in the paid version of Wheel of Fortune roulette. The prize box may contain: various bonuses, credits, chat minutes, valuable items, services, etc. All bonuses, credits, services and items from the prize box can be used for communication and dating on the site.


Question: What is a Treasure Chest?

Answer: The treasure Chest is a large chest with various valuable items, services, experience points and bonuses that the user can use on the site by taking advantage of the site's unique offer. The user can get the values ??and items contained in it through the "Open" button on the Treasure Chest map after purchasing it. The Treasure Chest may contain unique valuable items, services, credits and bonuses that can be redeemed or redeemed in the process of using the site, dating and chatting with women.


Dating and marriage

Question: How to meet a beautiful girl on the site?

Answer: A dating can be done for free after registering on the site. Many girls are very beautiful on the site. Therefore, you can meet a beautiful girl without difficulty. You can use any of the following methods:

  • Search for acquaintances using the "Search" buttons in the menu (a search for girls according to the specified parameters: appearance, age, interests, preferences, etc.).
  • Search through the "Ladies Gallery" page (view and select girls from a wide list of participants on our site).
  • Search on the page "Faces". Choose any of the above methods to find a pretty girl and write to her in a personal chat or email to start dating.


Question: How can I find a specific lady?

Answer: Here are different seek options: height and weight, body type, hair and eyes color and many others criteria You can use. To start, go to home page, click the "Search" button and choose the profiles for viewing. You can also find a girl by her id number, if you know it, of course.


Question: How to continue communication with a girl after meeting?

Answer: You can use various options for further communication with a girl after meeting. There is Live Chat through an internal dedicated and secure chat channel and sending emails through an internal email client. Click the "Live Chat" button in the menu on the Profile page, and on the "Chat" page that opens, select the girl you want to write a message to. You can send a letter to a girl on the "Inbox" page or on the lady's page by clicking the "send message" button


Question: I want to meet a good girl for a relationship. How to do it?

Answer: is an adult dating site for serious relationships, long-term relationships and marriage. You can meet a girl for free after registering on the site. You get 10 credits for free and you can use them to choose three girls and write them letters or chat messages to start the date. You can use any of the methods using the "Search" buttons (search for girls by the specified parameters: appearance, age, interests, preferences, etc.), the "Ladies' Gallery" button (view and select girls from a wide list of participants on our website), the "Faces" button (search and selection of girls who want to meet a man) in the main menu. Choose any of the above methods to find a girl that matches your preferences and write to her in a personal chat or email to start dating.


Question: I'm in wife searches. Is it probable to find a wife among the dames at the site? Are they serious?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. You have high chances to find a wife here, because many of Ukrainian and other countries women at this site are in husband searches. Check the field "Aim of acquaintance" on dames' profiles, and you will clear up what aims the certain dame has.


Question: How to chat with a girl

Answer: Communication with the girl takes place over a secure channel through the internal chat of the site. Go to ladys profile and click on the "live chat" button to write a message to the girl online.  In the window that opens then click on the "Start Chat" button. Write a message to the girl and click on the "Send message" icon in the form of a paper airplane.


Credits and Payments

Question: I want to use all site services: live chat, exchanging letters, etc.

Answer: For using services, some credits should be bought.


Question: What are the credits, and how does it run?

Answer: For using services, purchase some credits. The credits scheme of work is similar to a pre-paid telephone card. You pay only for SVC, not membership and additional fees. All prices for the SVC are listed in credits. Having bought some credits, they will never lapse.


Question: I receive a lot of letters every day from different ladies with whom I don't plan to communicate. May I hide my profile so that undesirable ladies would not write me letters and invite me to chat?

Answer: Yes, we have such opportunity for our users. You can enable " Make profile invisible" mode for your profile by yourself.The invisible status gives you the following benefits:

1. You can invite ladies to chat and chat with them, as well as write letters to all ladies on the site

2. To write you letters or invite you to chat can only those ladies with whom you're already in correspondence. All other ladies do not see your profile (they cannot view it).


Question: How to buy credits?

Answer: Сlick "Add Credits" button, select the number of credits you would like to get. As more credits you buy, the more discount you receive. You can always be informed of your balance in your account menu in the upper left corner.


Question: Today I bought xxx credits. But they haven’t arrived at my account. I had a successful payment.

Answer: In such occasion, please inform us.

It could happen when your account remains still not credited because of your last transactions were under overlook and then temporally kept. The overlook process takes up to 4 hrs. For this 4 hours, we are incapable to append credits to your account. Legal payments are not usually kept this way. It is needed to save from fraudulent transactions. It could happen because your location was recently changed. Or you are applying another person's computer. The reason could be in our site operations only completed payments too. And we can't operate the transaction until it is fully cleared, and all holds are removed.


Question: How much (in Dollars) costs 1 Credit? As you say that, one Letter is 7 Credits. How much is it in Dollars?

Answer: The most common and at the same time profitable option is to make a replenishment on $199 (If you buy this position – 1 credit will cost you $0.39).

Not profitable variant is the cheapest one position 20 credits - $12 (If you buy this position – 1 credit will cost you $0.6).


Here are all the purchase variants:

  • If you purchase 1500 credits -$579 (If you buy this position – 1 Credit will cost you $0,38, or one letter will cost you $2.66, cause one Letter costs 7 Credits)
  • If you purchase 750 credits - $299 (If you buy this position – 1 Credit will cost you $0,39, or one letter will cost you $2.73 cause one Letter costs 7 Credits)
  • If you purchase 500 credits - $199 (If you buy this position – 1 Credit will cost you $0,39, or one letter will cost you $2.73, cause one Letter costs 7 Credits)
  • If you purchase 250 credits - $112 (If you buy this position – 1 Credit will cost you $0,44, or one letter will cost you $3.08, cause one Letter costs 7 Credits) ,

and so on.


So, on this basis, the cheapest price for one paid Letter is $2.66.

The highest price for one paid Letter is  more $3.


To purchase credits, you need to :

1. Log in to your account.

2. Follow the link:

3. Select the amount of the credits you want to add to your account in the vertical menu on the left.

4. Press "Buy Credits" at the bottom of the page.

5. Enter the necessary payment information.

6. Press "Pay" button or "Another method" if you want to pay, not through Visa, Mastercard or Amex. 


Everything is great! Payment completed successfully. The received credits will be credited to your account in a few minutes.


Question: Will my credit card be charged automatically by your site after my first purchase?

Answer: No. It is only you who can buy credits. Without your will, we will never charge your credit card. And we will not be able to do this, because it is technically impossible. All payments are made by you. Therefore, our acceptance of payments is absolutely safe for customers.


Question: I was asked to fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form. Do I have to do that?

Answer: Yes. Sometimes our operating bank asks to fill the credit card authorization forms. It happens when customers did atypical paying. Your completion of this authorization form helps us to avoid credit card fraud. All info entered on this form will be filed to our operating bank under strict confidentiality. Your card will never be auto billed.


Question: Is it possible to make attachments to letters on the site?

Answer: As for attaching photos - 1 photo or audio file per letter. Other kinds of attachments will not get through.


Question: May I send my contact info in my letters, email or phone number?

Answer: It's prohibited by our policy to send in the letters your contact info: emails, phone numbers, etc. Anyway, our filtration system will carve this info out. Also, your profile can be deactivated. You can get your dame's contact info in another way. For example, you can request the contact details of your lady on the site for free, but subject to certain conditions.


Question: Presentation Letters (PL). What is it?

Answer: PL are pre-written letters. They are sent by a dame to all gentlemen who approach her age criteria. Their mission is to attract attention to a dame and inspire to start correspondence. In other words, a dame "presents" herself. In case any of these PL draw your concern, you can respond and continue communion.


Question: I can speak a bit Ukrainian and other countries languages. Is it possible to write letters in with Cyrillic letters?

Answer: Yes. completely supports Cyrillic letters, and you can write in Ukrainian and any other countries languages.


User reputation and user experience.

Question: Why do I need user reputation?

Answer: User reputation is a rating system that evaluates the user according to several key indicators so that users can actively use the system of bonuses and rewards. Many user actions are evaluated by an internal scoring system that awards points for experience and important actions to encourage members to actively use the site, meet and connect with interesting people more often. The reputation of the user is taken into account using the user account level.


Question: What are experience points?

Answer: Experience points are a way to account for the actions of the user of the platform. Your experience is directly related to your actions and is taken into account by the website statistics system. Many of your actions, from browsing profiles and meeting women, to chatting and  raffle prizes, are expressed in experience points. The statistics system allows us to reward platform members with various useful features and reward users for their actions. The points system is valid for all users of The points that you receive as a result of your actions are associated with a specific account and accumulate automatically when you communicate and use the services of the site using your account. The more actively you communicate and use the site, the more points you get.


Question: What is an account level?

Answer: The user account level system converts community members' actions into user experience (points) and account levels. Uniteheart has a system of user account levels to keep a user's rating and reward the user for a couple of hours of communication per day or even a whole day of communication in Uniteheart.  Your scores are displayed in several showcases with different metrics on your Profile page. Thus, you have the opportunity to see your results and achievements in your profile in order to control your activity and be proud of your achievements and awards. Also, the user can give access to his profile to his friends to show his achievements.


Question: Where can I see my account level?

Answer: You can see your account level on the User Profile page, or by clicking on the "My account" button in the upper left corner of the Main User Menu, and opening the Account Level page, you can see all the information about your level and bonuses.

Question: What do levels give me?

Answer: Initially, at Level 0, immediately after registering and verifying your account, you cannot add more than 10 people to your favorites list with whom you communicate. For each level, you can get 5 additional places in the list of friends (favorites). You can have a maximum of 1000 friends.


Question: What is my account level?

Answer: You can see your account level in your User Profile or on the Account Level page. Since most users have already spent a lot of time at Uniteheart, you will receive some points on the day of the site update. It will depend on the number of credits spent, time spent in chats and paid letters.

Question: How to level up?

Answer: To increase the level of your account, you need to gain experience points. You get points for completed target actions. The number of points earned for certain activities depends on the duration of the chat, the number of emails sent and other activities.  In addition, you will receive additional rewards for achievements during the day, week and month. Only the level of your account depends on the amount of experience gained.


Awards and Achievements

Question: What are user achievements?

Answer: Achievements are optional tasks in the process of using the site, related to the progress of communication, communication style, exchanging gifts, buying valuable items, etc. Earning achievements gives access to various new features, such as bonus credits, rewards, features. In order to receive such a bonus or reward, it is necessary to achieve a certain result in the process of communication, for example, gain a certain amount of experience points or send a certain number of letters. As soon as an important action takes place in the process of use, which is necessary to obtain an achievement, the platform system fixes it for the user profile. A specific achievement icon appears on the user's Profile page, showing which achievement the user has earned.


Question: What are Uniteheart Rewards for Achievement?

Answer: User Rewards are rewards that a user can receive for certain achievements in the process of dating and communicating on the site. Rewards are not mandatory elements of user duties. But, if you already use the Uniteheart platform, then why can't you receive incentive rewards and bonuses, as in real life. Receiving rewards does not cost you anything, since you still perform certain actions in the process of communicating and using the site. The site system takes into account your actions automatically and after receiving any of the achievements, it assigns you a reward. In order to receive a reward, you can achieve a certain result in the process of communication, for example, gain a certain amount of experience points or send a certain number of letters. An icon of the received award for a certain achievement appears on the Rewards and Achievements page in the User Profile. Some Rewards have an equivalent value in credits, which allows the user to use the rewards to exchange for credits and replenish their account for communication.


Question: How to view achievements and experience points

Answer: Your progress in the dating process is marked as an achievement. For each useful action, you get experience points, according to which you get achievements. All your achievements are shown on the Awards and Achievements page (add an anchor link to the Awards and Achievements page). An achievement badge is added to your profile when you receive an achievement.

The more points you get, the higher your achievement. When you earn enough experience, your level in the Uniteheart platform will increase.


Question: Does my girlfriend see my rating and achievements?

Answer: Initially, yes! But your rating is the only rating of your Profile. But you can, if you wish, make  the Rewards and Achievements page in your Profile available to the women you are interested in, so that the selected women can evaluate your high status and your results with the achievements of other users. Also, if you have received or bought a VIP account or a Premium account, it is displayed in your profile and the girls who view your profile can see your VIP status.


Question: How to know your level?

Answer: Open the Profile page on the Uniteheart website.

Click on the Account link to go to the Account Level page on the top of your Profile page in the Account section.

The Level icon and the inscription Level X is your level.

You can also see your progress in the Levels displayed on the page below.

There you can see the levels already passed. The current level you are currently on with percentage progress and the next level to be next. Also, next to the progress bars you can see the icons of your achievements at this level.

Question: How can I get bonuses?

Answer: A user receives a corresponding amount of experience points for each important action. The system automatically converts a certain number of experience points and upgrades your account to the next level. The user receives bonuses when leveling up in the form of gifts of credits, chat minutes, rewards, etc. The received Bonuses can be used by the user to communicate or exchange for credits.


Question: How to get more experience points?

Answer: The number of user experience points depends on the activity and targeted actions of the user. Those users who want to develop their experience of communication and dating need to communicate more actively and get to know more interesting girls in our community. The more you communicate, send letters, see photos, girls you are interested in and perform various actions on the site, the more points (experience points) you get and, accordingly, the site statistics system will automatically increase your account level to the next level when you accumulate the required number of points. There by confirming that you get a certain communication experience and actively develop your skills.


Delivery of the Gifts

Question: I am asking you to convey a present to my dame. Tell me the terms of bringing.

Answer: In most occasions it will be conveyed in the term of two days. But in some situations due to circumstances outside our control it could take more.


Question: Can I be sure that my gift will be conveyed to my dame?

Answer: We will take some photos when the dame holds the gift. Then it's will be sent to you as a verification.


Question: What are the peoples' holidays in Ukraine and other countries when dames usually obtain presents?

Answer: New Year (January, 01), the St. Valentine's Day (February, 14), and the International Women's Day (March, 08) when gentlemen give presents to dame.


Question: What way can I choose a gift for a dame?

Answer: Go to dame's profile. Click "Send a gift", then choose among flowers, toys, perfumes, etc. Also, it is possible to choose a special exclusive gift which is not in the list. For this, contact site's support.


Contacts Details (CD) & Real-Life Meetings

Question: What does contain the personal dame's info?

Answer: It contains dame's full name, her mobile number or email, her postal address and so.


Question: I would like to get Contact Details (CD) of a dame from the site. How can I do that?

Answer: You should go following steps:

- Open the dame's profile;

- Click the button "get contact details";

- Follow the directions.

If the dame doesn't mind giving her Contact Details to you, you will receive the her cintact detail  maximum in 3 bussines days.


Question: Is there any base for referring a request for Contact Details of a dame?

Answer: Yes. It is necessary from a gentleman to have at least 15 paid letters in communication with the lady or 120 minutes chat wits her. It is necessary as a respect to a dame, for she could know you better before make a decision about personal contact. If a dame doesn't know a gentleman well enough she could decline the request, though after communicating and knowing each other better these two could fall in love with each other. Dames could feel uncomfortable when declines the request, also a gentleman could get offended and stop communicating. So 15 letters or 120 minutes chatis the necessary minimum. But, If a dame wants to give her personal info before 15 letters, you could send the request that moment without completing 15 letters requirements. In that case, it will cost you 120 credits.


Question: When the request for Contact Details of a dame X has been sent, how long should I wait?

Answer: It takes 3, on rare occasions up to 4 days.Please be patient.


Question: How can I send the photo to a lady in the letter?

Answer: In order for the photo to attach and to be sent (In “sent letters” you can see the sign that the photo was attached) it is necessary to observe the following parameters:

-  The photo size is no more than 50 Mb

-  Photo format: Jpeg, PNG, BMP and others.

-  Pixel photo size: from 300 to 300 pixels and more.


Question: How can I change the password in my profile?

Answer: You can change your password as follows:

Go to page "My Account", then click the mouse on the field of the main photo of your profile.

There will be the field "Edit profile".

Then you will see the field where you can enter your new password.

Notice that it is needed to press the button "Save" in order to make your password saved.


How can I upload an Avatar photo to my profile?

Answer: To upload Avatar photo, you have to press the button “manage photo”  on page your "my account" section and upload your photo. Then use a special button to assign this photo as the main one. To upload additional photos to your profile, you have to press the button "manage photo"  and then  “Add photos” on the field of your Profile.


Question: I tried repeatedly to register for the 20 complimentary credits as a new member, but the site wouldn't recognize me.

Answer: You have created a double account on the site. 20 credits are not added to the double accounts. Credits added to only first account registered when you receive the verification link on your E-mail.


Question: How can I view video clips of the lady?

Answer: In order to view the videos of the ladies, go to the "Videoclips" section at the top of the site page. Below each video, there is a lady's name. Click on the name, and the profile of the lady who owns the video will open. The other way to see if the lady has uploaded video is to visit her profile page. In the very end of her profile page, you will see the video clips.


Question: What is Trust Level of the lady and how it works?

Answer: Every lady’s profile on our site has Trust Level.

- Trust Level from up to 45 per cent – means that the lady provided her Passport copy at registration.

- From 45 up to 75 per cent –means that the lady provided her Passport copy, verification of E-mail and telephone number.

- From 75 up to 100 per cent – means that the lady provided Passport copy, verification of E-mail and telephone number, and video confirmation holding her passport in hands. And also a lady provided a video clip. Any video clip can be posted on the site only after lady’s compliance.

The level of trust is the lady's profile rating that a woman receives for her profile according to the checks passed according to the security algorithm on the site. Our security staff checks all the data provided, and the system evaluates the girl's profile according to the rating. Sometimes employees personally verify the provided personal data if they have doubts about the information. Together, these automatic and personal ratings make up the Lady's Profile Trust Score. A rating of 100% means that the woman's profile has passed a full check, the identity has been identified and the woman's integrity has been fully confirmed.


Question: I was in correspondence with the lady, and today I tried to send her a letter, but could not do it. Then I wanted to view her profile, but also this was not possible.  What happened?

Answer: Lady’s Profile can be not active for some time. It happens when the lady makes some manipulations with her profile (changes in her profile description or change/upload photos and so on). After that, the profile of the lady goes to the status “Approval” and it needs some time when the administration of the site will check and activate her profile. While the profile is not active, no one can write to it or review. When the profile is activated, you can continue correspondence with the lady.


Question: How to get in contact with a lady?

Answer: To get in contact with a lady, there are different ways. You can search any lady to your preferences and parameters in the “SEARCH” section at the top of the site page or Profile page.

Next to each lady’s profile, there are 2 position:

- write message

- live chat

- View Lady’s profile information.

Press any button or click on the girl's photo and initiate communication you need.


Question: How to receive 20 Free Credits for registration?

Answer: To receive 20 Free Credits for registration, you need to confirm your profile by clicking on the link that came to your E-mail in the registration letter when registering.


Question: Where I can see the letters from administration of the site?

Answer: Letters from the administration, notifications from the site, special offers come to the section MESSAGES - Inbox – Administration.


Question: Why do the site charged me 1 Credit in chat? The lady invited me to chat. I answered her invitation and write her a reply message in chat. She was not answering for some seconds and I closed the chat.

Answer: Please, pay attention to how the charges for the chat service are working:

1)  If you initiate correspondence with a lady in chat (you write her first) - then the credits are not written off until the lady answers you, and you reply to her. And at the time when the lady sends you a reply message, and you reply to her – then 1 Credit charges from your account.The chat closes automatically if the lady doesn’t reply to your invite within 4 Minutes.

2)  If you accept invitation from a lady in chat (she writes you first) - then the credits are not written off until you write a reply message to her invitation. If you answered the lady's invitation, it means that the chat starts to work. And at the time when you send a reply message 1 Credit charges from your account.



Question: How I can request a Contact Detail Information of a lady?

Answer: There are 2 types of Contact Information Requests of the site:

You can get the contact details of a lady for free writting 15 or more letters from her for a paid, or as an alternative, chat with her in a chat for 120 minutes or more. Requesting contact information is very simple, just press a couple of buttons, instructions are attached:


First type (FREE Request) : you can make a Request for information of this lady for free, if you have had 15 paid messages and more with the lady or 120 minutes and more spent in chat with her. It goes automatically pressing the button at the lady’s page. For making a request it is needed to: 1) Go to the main page of profile of the lady (where photos and description). 2) Press the button “Get contact information” 3) Press the button "Get free". Then your request goes automatically to the administration of the site. This request is FREE. With the agreement of the lady to give you her contact information your request will be processed within the next 3 business days. And then you will receive the letter from Administration with lady’s contact details form. The letter will be in the segment “Messages” – “Inbox” – “Administration” .


Second Type (PAID Request) : If you have NOT had at least 15 paid messages with the lady or spent less than 120 minutes in chat with her, then you can make a PAID Request of her Contact Information. This service costs 120 Credits. To make a paid request you need to : 1) go to the main page of profile of the lady (where photos and description) 2) Then click on the icon “Get contact information” 3) Press the button “Paid Request” After that 120 Credits will be written off from your account. Your request goes automatically to the administration of the site and will be processed as soon as possible. And then you will receive the letter from Administration with lady’s contact details form. The letter will be in the segment “Messages” – “Inbox” – “Administration” Administration letters are FREE to read. Best regards, Team of Support


Question: If I want to meet a woman, can you help me with this?

Answer: Yes, If you would like to meet in real life a lady you are interested in, we can propose a meeting organization. In this case, the cost of Meeting Organization will be 300 Credits. In this case we contact the agency, and ask permittance of the lady to meet with you and after her сompliance we arrange the date, place and time of the meeting in the city where the woman lives at present.


Question: What is button "Notifications" on the “my account”  page of the site?

Answer: "Notifications" is the field where you can see:

"Guests" : Ladies who visited your profile with full information.

"Likes" : The ladies who liked your photos.

"Block list" : There you can see the ladies you have blocked or who have blocked you.

Additional information:

- If the lady visited your page with the full description and information, then she will be displayed as your "Guest".

- If the lady came several times to your page with a full description, then notice of this will be only one, not several.  But notice, that -  If the lady opened only a window with your brief information, then it will not be displayed on "Guests"


Question: How can I add particullar letters to "Favourites"?

Answer: In order to add particullar letters to "Favourites" you have to add the particular letter to your favoourites by pressing on the star next to the letter, and all favourite letters will be by hand if needed. If you add the lady herself to favourites, then all her letters will be visible in the Messages - inbox - subsection “Favourites”


Question: How can I know when I write a letter to a lady, if she already read it?

Answer: To see if the letter already read by the lady you can come to the section “Letters - Outbox” If the letter was read it will be on a light background. Or if the lady has not yet read your letter – then the letter will be against a dark background.


Question: How can I view a lady’s private pictures?

Answer: Private pictures are password protected, so you will have to write to the lady and request the password. It is better to do this after you have already established communication with that lady.


Question: Are these women just trying to get out of their country by marrying a foreigner?  Is she going to stay with me after she has moved to the United States?

Answer: We have to say up front that we cannot know the real intentions of our members.  However, after you have corresponded with a lady for a while and, preferably, met her in person, you should have a pretty good idea of what she is about. Besides, in order to get unconditional permanent residency in the US, she has to stay married to a US citizen for 2 years. Add processing time, and you get about 3 years before she can leave. That's a lot of time for you to make a good impression on her :) Now, could a person be so calculating as to do this for a green card? It is possible, but in our experience, most of the women coming here are honest and truly want to create a family. If her husband treats her with respect, she will stay. However, some guys can be jerks and get what they deserve. Then they cry all over the Internet about how she took advantage of them. According to the official figures, the divorce rate between international couples in US is several times lower than in regular American couples.


Question: What does the Requested Contacts of the lady contain?

Answer: When issuing the contact data of the lady, she may provide any mean of connection she wants. This can be E-mail address, phone number, Skype, WhatsApp or address of residence only with the consent of the lady. Or this can be both E-mail and telephone number, and address of residence. If the lady has not provided her phone number, Skype or address of residence in the form of Requested Contacts,  you may ask her for this information while communicating privately via E-mail.


Question: What are the prices for the Meeting Organization Services? And I need to know more information from you.

Answer: Dear User,

Here is the information about the Meeting Service.

Here are 3 types of the Meeting Service:     

1. If you have requested the Private Contact information of the lady.  In this way, you can contact the lady directly and ask her to meet with you. In this way, the cost for the meeting is free. But the lady may need the interpreter and the local agency can provide it for you. The work of Interpreter can vary from 20 to 25 Dollars for an hour (extra pay), depending on the city where the lady lives and the cost for the interpreting service in the agency she is registered.

2. If you have not requested the Private Contact information of the lady. In this case, the cost for a Meeting organization will cost 300 Credits. This meeting organization includes such services: - Contacting the lady and the agency where the lady is registered, ask for her agreement.   - Organization of the convenient time and place for both a man and a woman. - Providing the interpreter on the meeting (if the lady needs and has a low level of English). The work of Interpreter can vary from 15 to 25 Dollars for an hour (extra pay), depending on the city where the lady lives and the cost for the interpreting service in the agency she is registered. The payment for the interpreting service is held at once after the meeting ends, at the place. - Advising a hotel by the customer’s request. - Transfer to the hotel from the airport is not included in the service. - The cost for the driver with the car may vary from 20 to 25 Dollars for an hour (extra pay), depending on the city where the driver is working. The payment for the service 300 Credits is held after the meeting took place in the way of withdrawal from the account on the site.

3. If you have already the Contact Details of the lady and keep corresponding with her privately but still need a meeting to be organized, and if the profile of the lady is active on the site. In this case, the cost for a Meeting organization will cost 300 Credits.  This meeting organization includes such services: - Contacting the lady and the agency where the lady is registered, ask for her agreement. - Organization of the convenient time and place for both a man and a woman. - Providing the interpreter on the meeting (if the lady needs and has a low level of English). The work of Interpreter can vary from 20 to 25 Dollars for an hour (extra pay), depending on the city where the lady lives and the cost for the interpreting service in the agency she is registered. The payment for the interpreting service is held at once after the meeting ends, at the place. - Advising a hotel by the customer’s request. - Transfer to the hotel from the airport is not included in the service. - The cost for the driver with the car may vary from 20 to 25 Dollars for an hour (extra pay), depending on the city where the driver is working. The payment for the service 175 Credits is held after the meeting took place in the way of withdrawal from the account on the site.    


Question: I logged off yesterday after last chat with 40 credit, and today I have 30. How is it possible to reduce credits without using the system? Something is wrong with this!

Answer: You still had an active chat with a lady after you left the chat room. Please, always to end the chat, use the "End chat" button below the text entry line. If you have several chats at the same time, you must end all chats before leaving the Chat Room. If you leave the chat room without closing the current active chat communications, and while you are still on your profile, the system will continue to write off credits by chat.


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