Messaging And Correspondence

Is it possible to make attachments to letters on the site?

As for attaching photos - 1 photo or audio file per letter. Other kinds of attachments will not get through.

May I send my contact info in my letters, email or phone number?

Answer: It's prohibited by our policy to send in the letters your contact info: emails, phone numbers, etc. Anyway, our filtration system will carve this info out. Also, your profile can be deactivated. You can get your dame's contact info in another way. For example, you can request the contact details of your lady on the site for free, but subject to certain conditions.

Presentation Letters (PL). What is it?

PL are pre-written letters. They are sent by a dame to all gentlemen who approach her age criteria. Their mission is to attract attention to a dame and inspire to start correspondence. In other words, a dame "presents" herself. In case any of these PL draw your concern, you can respond and continue communion.

I can speak a bit Ukrainian and other countries languages. Is it possible to write letters in with Cyrillic letters?

Yes. completely supports Cyrillic letters, and you can write in Ukrainian and any other countries languages.