Credits and Payments

I want to use all site services: live chat, exchanging letters, etc.

For using services, some credits should be bought

What are the credits, and how does it run?

For using services, purchase some credits. The credits scheme of work is similar to a pre-paid telephone card. You pay only for SVC, not membership and additional fees. All prices for the SVC are listed in credits. Having bought some credits, they will never lapse.

I receive a lot of letters every day from different ladies with whom I don't plan to communicate. May I hide my profile so that undesirable ladies would not write me letters and invite me to chat?

Yes, we have such opportunity for our users. You can enable " Make profile invisible" mode for your profile by yourself.The invisible status gives you the following benefits:

  1. You can invite ladies to chat and chat with them, as well as write letters to all ladies on the site
  2. To write you letters or invite you to chat can only those ladies with whom you're already in correspondence. All other ladies do not see your profile (they cannot view it).
How to buy credits?

Click "Add Credits" button, select the number of credits you would like to get. As more credits you buy, the more discount you receive. You can always be informed of your balance in your account menu in the upper left corner.

Today I bought xxx credits. But they haven’t arrived at my account. I had a successful payment.

In such occasion, please inform us.

It could happen when your account remains still not credited because of your last transactions were under overlook and then temporally kept. The overlook process takes up to 4 hrs. For this 4 hours, we are incapable to append credits to your account. Legal payments are not usually kept this way. It is needed to save from fraudulent transactions. It could happen because your location was recently changed. Or you are applying another person's computer. The reason could be in our site operations only completed payments too. And we can't operate the transaction until it is fully cleared, and all holds are removed.

Will my credit card be charged automatically by your site after my first purchase?

No. It is only you who can buy credits. Without your will, we will never charge your credit card. And we will not be able to do this, because it is technically impossible. All payments are made by you. Therefore, our acceptance of payments is absolutely safe for customers.

I was asked to fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form. Do I have to do that?

Yes. Sometimes our operating bank asks to fill the credit card authorization forms. It happens when customers did atypical paying. Your completion of this authorization form helps us to avoid credit card fraud. All info entered on this form will be filed to our operating bank under strict confidentiality. Your card will never be auto billed.