Awards and Achievements

What are user achievements?

Achievements are optional tasks in the process of using the site, related to the progress of communication, communication style, exchanging gifts, buying valuable items, etc. Earning achievements gives access to various new features, such as bonus credits, rewards, features. In order to receive such a bonus or reward, it is necessary to achieve a certain result in the process of communication, for example, gain a certain amount of experience points or send a certain number of letters. As soon as an important action takes place in the process of use, which is necessary to obtain an achievement, the platform system fixes it for the user profile. A specific achievement icon appears on the user's Profile page, showing which achievement the user has earned.

What are Uniteheart Rewards for Achievement?

User Rewards are rewards that a user can receive for certain achievements in the process of dating and communicating on the site. Rewards are not mandatory elements of user duties. But, if you already use the Uniteheart platform, then why can't you receive incentive rewards and bonuses, as in real life. Receiving rewards does not cost you anything, since you still perform certain actions in the process of communicating and using the site. The site system takes into account your actions automatically and after receiving any of the achievements, it assigns you a reward. In order to receive a reward, you can achieve a certain result in the process of communication, for example, gain a certain amount of experience points or send a certain number of letters. An icon of the received award for a certain achievement appears on the Rewards and Achievements page in the User Profile. Some Rewards have an equivalent value in credits, which allows the user to use the rewards to exchange for credits and replenish their account for communication.

How to view achievements and experience points

Your progress in the dating process is marked as an achievement. For each useful action, you get experience points, according to which you get achievements. All your achievements are shown on the Awards and Achievements page (add an anchor link to the Awards and Achievements page). An achievement badge is added to your profile when you receive an achievement.

The more points you get, the higher your achievement. When you earn enough experience, your level in the Uniteheart platform will increase.

Does my girlfriend see my rating and achievements?

Initially, yes! But your rating is the only rating of your Profile. But you can, if you wish, make the Rewards and Achievements page in your Profile available to the women you are interested in, so that the selected women can evaluate your high status and your results with the achievements of other users. Also, if you have received or bought a VIP account or a Premium account, it is displayed in your profile and the girls who view your profile can see your VIP status.

How to know your level?

Open the Profile page on the Uniteheart website.

Click on the Account link to go to the Account Level page on the top of your Profile page in the Account section.

The Level icon and the inscription Level X is your level.

You can also see your progress in the Levels displayed on the page below.

There you can see the levels already passed. The current level you are currently on with percentage progress and the next level to be next. Also, next to the progress bars you can see the icons of your achievements at this level.

How can I get bonuses?

A user receives a corresponding amount of experience points for each important action. The system automatically converts a certain number of experience points and upgrades your account to the next level. The user receives bonuses when leveling up in the form of gifts of credits, chat minutes, rewards, etc. The received Bonuses can be used by the user to communicate or exchange for credits.

How to get more experience points?

The number of user experience points depends on the activity and targeted actions of the user. Those users who want to develop their experience of communication and dating need to communicate more actively and get to know more interesting girls in our community. The more you communicate, send letters, see photos, girls you are interested in and perform various actions on the site, the more points (experience points) you get and, accordingly, the site statistics system will automatically increase your account level to the next level when you accumulate the required number of points. There by confirming that you get a certain communication experience and actively develop your skills.